Johnny Clarke LP

10 Pins
Blood & Fire (1998)
Johnny Clarke - Dreader Dread
Blood & Fire (1998)
a painting of a man sitting on top of a yellow chair with the words living in the arena
Johnnie Clarke - King In The Arena
Third World (1978)
an image of a painting with words on it
Johnny Clarke - Can't Get Enough
Lantern Records (1982 / 2022)
an old time magazine cover with a man wearing a crown on it's head
Johnny Clarke - Rockers Time Now
Virgin (1976)
the album cover for johnny clark's authorized version, featuring an image of a smiling man
Johnny Clarke - Authorized Version
Virgin (1976)
a man standing in the doorway of a house with dreadlocks on his head
Johnny Clarke - Satisfaction
Third World (1979)
a man standing next to a red car
Johnny Clarke - Strickly Reggae Music
Patate Records (2020)
Clocktower Records (1975) 70s Films, Comedy Duos, Rude Boy, Lp Cover
Johnny Clarke - Rock With Me Baby
Clocktower Records (1975)
the album cover for johnny clark's original mcclarre, featuring an image of a man wearing a hat
Johnny Clarke - Originally Mr. Clarke
Clocktower Records (1980)
the front cover of a book with an image of a man in a cowboy hat
Johnnie Clark - Super Star Roots Disco Dub
Weed Beat (1977)