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Tintin & Snowy

Tintin Milou // Rahme deine eigenen Bilder mit SOOSI - www.

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I fell in love with tintin after the film was released I loved the film so researched tintin read the comics and bought The Adventures of Tintin It's now one of my favourites! (I have a Tintin board)

Mondrian's Room - Journal - Tintin - From all sides

Hergé’s hand drawing to help with the creation of the first Tintin product – a little toy statuette – which required to see Tintin from all sides

Tintin's brilliant creator - Hergé

Georges Prosper Remi known as Herge the creator of Tintin

Mondrian's Room - Journal - Tintin - From all sides

This wonderful original 1940 drawing of Tintin was to help make a toy statue. It's quite brilliant.