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the diagram shows how to use a solar powered device for water and air conditionings
Dessalinisateur solaire, jusqu'à 2L d'eau potable/jr avec Aquamate
a large blue tank sitting next to a water heater in a room with tile flooring
RECUPERATION DES EAUX DE PLUIE - Cindy, Benoit et leur maison en bois...
Filtrador casero Outdoor, Life Hacks, Diy, Hacks, Prepping, Survival, Manualidades, Apocalypse Survival
Filtrador casero
Homemade Water filter Survival Gear, Survival Skills, Useful Life Hacks, Emergency Preparation, Water Filter Diy, Water Filter, Survival Techniques, Survival Life Hacks
Uber Survivalist - Maximize Your Survival Potential with Proper Gear
Homemade Water filter
an image of a house with water heaters on the roof and other parts labeled in red
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Rain Harvesting...fuck a water bill lol
the water meter is placed on top of the ground and connected to an electrical device
WaterSeer is a low-tech, low-cost atmospheric water condenser that could help create water self-sufficiency in communities around the world.
Things to Think About Before Going Off Grid l Homestead Lady (.com) Emergency Preparedness, Homestead Survival, Ideas, Camping, Gardening, Homesteading Skills, Off Grid Homestead, Get Off The Grid, Homesteading
So, you wanna go off-grid?
Things to Think About Before Going Off Grid l Homestead Lady (.com)
a white toilet sitting next to a sink in a bathroom under a mirror with pictures on the wall
Tapit Water is Now a Part of House Grail | House Grail
"Greywater" is water that comes from your sink, shower, bathtub or washing machine. It's not drinkable, but it's still usable. You can water plants with it, or even install a "greywater system" to filter and reuse the water in your toilet tank.