Jardin Jardine

Jardin Jardine

HEUDREVILLE SUR EURE / Avoir la main verte ? c'est facile ! Ateliers de Jardinage, graines et plants, accessoires de décoration... tout pour vous et votre jardin ou balcon !
Jardin Jardine
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I love this! Beautiful potted plants! - Click image to find more Home Decor Pinterest pins

Terra Cotta Pot Flower Tower with Annuals. I'd do it with another kind of planter. Terra Cotta wicks the liquid away from the plant and into the pot.

Pallet garden..I like this for herbs.

Wow I've been searching for pallets for my succulents now I've gotta find a few pallets!🌿 Using a pallet as a garden bed. Thank GOD for Pallets! This tip is from Alternative Gardening.

Idea for old rain boot

This Creative ideas for plant flower in small house or apartment use olds shoes pot. here is the Old Shoes Planters - Creative Ideas Use Old Shoes to Plant Flower. old shoes something otherwise useless and you can transformed it into a quirky garde

Birdcage Container

Repurposed Garden Containers Tons of Great ideas for your plants. Birdcages, metal baskets, colanders, and all kinds of things work so well. A can of outdoor spray paint can fix up a container to match everything you have in your garden.

Romantiska Hem: Magiska Blommor!

This would be great for the yard. Galvanized buckets & watering cans with all white flowers-quaint. Maybe larger water trough-style containers.

Potted lavender plant

ENGLISH LAVENDER in a container: Roots prefer to be fairly crowded so choose a container that is only larger than rootball. Light soil w/good drainage. Water when soil is dry. Repot yearly with fertilizer.