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a bonsai tree sitting in the middle of a room with rocks and gravel on the floor
River of Sand | White stones arranged to resemble a twisting… | Mike MacLeod | Flickr Japanese Rock Garden, Japanese Style Garden, Garden Zen, Zen Garden
River of Sand
River of Sand | White stones arranged to resemble a twisting… | Mike MacLeod | Flickr
an outdoor garden with trees and plants in the center, surrounded by concrete steps that lead up to a pavilion
Chelsea 1st half 2009 012
Japanese garden in SUMIYA Shimabara,Kyoto,Japan 2014 Back Garden Landscaping, Backyard Garden, Outdoor Gardens, Garden Landscaping, Garden, Indoor Garden
Colorful 4 seasons of Japan
Japanese garden in SUMIYA Shimabara,Kyoto,Japan 2014
an image of a park setting with trees and bushes in the backrounds
shisen-do, kyoto, japan
the rocks are covered with green moss in this japanese garden area that is surrounded by trees and bushes
Jardin zen moderne–comment aménager un jardin harmonieux
Jardin zen moderne – comment aménager un jardin harmonieux à la japonaise
a garden with rocks and moss growing on the ground
Beautiful, Peaceful Japanese-Gardens. A good example of how the layout forms the atmosphere in the garden. The perfect Meditation nook.
a garden with rocks, grass and trees
Natures Doorways
Japanischer Garten mit geharkten Kreisen im Sand. Das sieht nicht nur beruhigend aus, sondern entspannt auch beim erstellen der Kreise.
a japanese garden with moss growing on the rocks and stones in the ground, surrounded by trees
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DRY GARDEN, EIKAN-DO ZERIN-JI, KYOTO ... These gardens have white sand or raked gravel in place of water, carefully-arranged rocks, and sometimes rocks and sand covered with moss. Their purpose is to facilitate meditation, and they are meant to be viewed while seated on the porch of the residence of the hōjō, the abbot of the monastery.
the inside of a house with grass and rocks in front of it, as well as a tree
Puit de lumière