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Ketchup Bottle as Pancake Batter Dispenser. Repurpose an empty ketchup bottle into a pancake batter dispenser and pour the right amount every time! It's also less messy and it makes it easier for making smiley face pancakes for the kids!


Make a Fruit Salad Cube

Funny pictures about Fruit Salad Rubik's Cube. Oh, and cool pics about Fruit Salad Rubik's Cube. Also, Fruit Salad Rubik's Cube photos.

diy pizza rolls diy easy diy diy food diy baking

Stuffed Pizza Muffins- these are awesome! I use shredded mozzarella rather than chunks of string cheese. How in the hell would you neatly roll THOSE up? Also, we call them pizza rolls b/c pizza cupcakes sounds stupid and revolting.

Simple, original et bon !

KAH says: il y a pas de recette, mais c'est simple. No recipe, but looks like canned breadstick dough, topped with prosciutto, twisted and brushed with oil or butter.

Les mini burgers ! Un gage de réussite assuré pour vos apéritifs :)

Mini Burgers If I had to choose the ultimate party food it would definitely be this recipe. I make them mini burgers for birthdays, New Year parties, anytime I get a chance to… Kids love them and grownups love them.


healthy homemade mango fruit roll-ups - Joybx; Puree mango, spread on sheet pan bake hours at 175 then add wax paper & roll up!

caramel au micro-onde imbrûlable, inrattable : Dans un bol, on mélange 100g de sucre en poudre et deux cuillères à soupe d’eau que l’on cuit 4 minutes à pleine puissance et le tour est joué !

Cuisiner au micro-ondes: 10 astuces rapides

Recette apéro : sucette de raisin, fromage frais (ou chèvre, kiri, boursin noix roquefort...) et amandes fumées concassées.

Fabulous for a wine tasting or cocktail party! Goat cheese grape balls (with a bit of honey. You can also mix equal parts blue cheese and cream cheese then roll in chopped roasted nuts)

chocolate bowl

What a gorgeous idea! Melting chocolate over a balloon, letting it set and then popping it to create a fancy chocolate dessert bowl that is sure to impress!

P.S.- I made this... Chocolate Bling #PSIMADETHIS #DIY #CHOCOLATE #BLING

Make edible chocolate bling. For the edible glitter,preheat oven to 350 degrees. Combine cup of sugar and a teaspoon of liquid food coloring. Put foil in the baking pan and spread the sugar around. Bake for 10 minutes and allow to cool.

Invention #1: What you can do by just playing with an orange. I couldn't think of which board I should put it under; food or animals!!

Fun food idea with Fruit! Love this sweet citrus snail! Cute and easy healthy snack for kids. Turn an orange into animals.

How to...Make a Hamburger Egg Burger with extra lean turkey meat! get your protein for Breakfast!

"Camping Breakfast : Sausage, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich. best idea ever" Um, this looks like an egg filled burger but ok. I'm still going with burger though.

Lasagnes de pommes de terre

Détournement d'idées au programme et si les lasagnes devenaient complètement pompompom de terre ?? Lasagnes de Pompompom de terre !

Funny pictures about Fruit Salad Rubik's Cube. Oh, and cool pics about Fruit Salad Rubik's Cube. Also, Fruit Salad Rubik's Cube photos.