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"I wish I had this sittin in my closet right now!" - a good handy quick-draw design and perfect for a trip to the shooting range; though barrel lengths will have to comply. very sweet


Japanese sword -Katana- the symbol of the traditional japanese warrior : Samurai.

Remington Tactical 870 Shotgun

Remington Tactical 870 Shotgun w/ rifle sights, full length rail (warhammer I think) surefire red laser/light magpul AFG forend ON the rail pump/forend, rail side covers on the forend , a red dot scope on top and , of course a side saddle.

A finely engraved Beretta shotgun is a thing of beauty.

Beretta Shotgun & Musto Shooting Coat with RC Cartridges by Threedi, Awesome Detail

Nikon & Friends by ZORIN DENU, via Flickr

Nikon & Friends by ZORIN DENU . Seems like an covert assassin kit to me .

Kel Tec KSG Compact Shotgun  //

Kel-Tec KSG - bullpup pump action shotgun - It has two tube magazines which can be switched between manually.


If you are a Cosplay fan, you will love this edition of Hot Asian Babes Collection, if you are not, we are sure you will like the babes featuring here.

Stripped Benelli M2

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