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Les Aventures de Tintin - Tintin - The Calculus Affair by Herge

discovering lost worlds... from Prisoners of the Sun (i'm pretty sure)

Tintin hits theaters next week in Steven Spielberg's big production. We'll crack open the classic Adventures of Tintin.

The idea of the background and even the pose of Tintin and cie comes from the Red Album of the Beatles

Tintin and Captain Haddock in "Explorers on the Moon" .

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Georges Remi (Herge) and Jean-Pierre Talbot as Tintin during the filming of Tintin and the Blue Oranges, 1964.

Hergé & Jean-Pierre Talbot on the set of 'Tintin et les Oranges Bleues', 1964

Superb drawing signed Harry Edwood - a portrait of family Tintin with homage to the Beatles' Sgt Pepper's album

Tintin version of Sgt. Pepper's (signed Harry Edwood portrait of family Tintin)

Publicités anciennes (Vintage ads) ☕: TINTIN anciennes pubs

Publicités anciennes (Vintage ads) ☕: TINTIN anciennes pubs

Tintin's brilliant creator - Hergé

Georges Prosper Remi known as Herge the creator of Tintin