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peppermint foaming hand soap - home made

A Natural Holiday: Homemade Peppermint Foaming Hand Soap - parts peppermint scented castille soap (or plain) parts distilled water a few drops peppermint essential oil (or tea tree for disinfecting) a foaming soap dispenser

Another site with several home made shampoos and some good info on ingredients to use. I'm definately going to try the glycerin as it is supposed to combat frizziness.

Are the chemicals in shampoos making your hair dull and lifeless? Then, how about switching to homemade shampoo instead? Homemade shampoos will not only remove dirt and oil from hair, but will also make it soft and glossy.

DIY: mouthwash a-little-bit-crunchy-a-little-bit-rock-n-roll

DIY: Mouthwash Recipe Made with Essential Oils for a Fresh, Clean Mouth. Using Certified Pure Essential Oils. If you look on the back of your mouthwash bottle, what you may discover is that you are actually just getting a mouthful of chemicals.

Home made Windex!

DIY Window cleaner- add some lavender or orange oil (about a tsp) Alternates: Half White Vinegar Half Water 1 tsp Dawn cup rubbing alcohol 1 drop Dawn dish soap fill the bottle with water (distilled works best)