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Famke Janssen

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a woman with red hair is talking to a man in a black shirt and silver collar
Famke Janssen as Jean Grey #famkejanssen #jeangrey #xmen2 #marvel
an image of a woman's face with different facial expressions in the same photo
an image of people in the dark with their faces turned to look like they are looking at
the face of a woman with different facial expressions and haircuts, from left to right
the movie poster for dark shadows starring jamie lanson as jean fryey's agent
the faces and eyes of female characters from x - men days of future pasts
an image of the characters from x - men in their car seats with captioning
the character from x - men is shown in multiple pictures
some people are sitting in an airplane and one is looking at the camera
an image of a woman with red hair in the movie x - men, looking up at
the many faces of an attractive woman in black leather clothes, with red hair and blue eyes
a woman in red shirt with many different expressions
many different pictures of a woman in red shirt
the woman in red is standing next to a lamp
many different pictures of people with red hair and jewelry on their heads, one woman has her hand on the other's shoulder