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It's all about the mane/this mane is why I use their shampoo on my hair,it is the bomb.my hair is thick and very very long.

Love that tail braid

30 Amazing Horse Tail Braids Ideas to make Your Friends Jealous - Tail and Fur

Dressage horse carrot treats. ♥ Pinned with gratitude by www.DressageWaikato.co.nz.

this is how it goes sometimes - this kid has the right idea - smile through the stupid


Doesn't matter if you are flying ON a horse or flying IN an airplane, flying is the ultimate high!

such a Beautiful Animal/athlete

Horses were not made to be our slaves for entertainment or "sport". And get that stupid bit out their mouth.

Mon rêve deux d'avoir ce cheval *__*

I need a blonde horse who will understand me! These horses are chestnut with a pangare modifier giving them the flaxen mane and tail. They are not palomino.