Design Miami Tent

Design Miami / Tent / Moorhead & Moorhead

by Wiel Arets Architects [Maastricht]

H House / Wiel Arets Architects

Architects: Wiel Arets Architects Maastricht, The Netherlands Photographs: João Morgado

Aires Mateus Architects: Nursing home in Alcácer do Sal / Photo: Fernando Guerra

The Nursing home of Aires Mateus Architects through the eyes of Fernando Guerra

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The Floor

We stumbled on this crazy-great painted floor artist Matthieu Lavanchy on the very out-there/interesting by New York designer Keehnan Konyha (Sli

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, by Moshe Safie.

Architect Moshe Safdie's recent work includes Singapore's Marina Bay Sands, a resort with roof gardens and a

by Alex Haw of Atmos


Atmos Digitally sensuous architecture in two of Alex Haw's residential staircase projects

Wall House

FAR Frohn & Rojas - Wall house is a project by FAR frohn & rojas, a networked architectural design and research practice. This project is a design investigation into how the qualitative aspects of the.