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Marine Pokemon artwork by Symph Kat. Uhhh so yeah Cradily is not water type it's grass and ground.

Heres what 18 Pokemon characters would look like as Mayan gods.

Heres what 18 Pokemon characters would look like as Mayan gods. Garchomp and Nidoking O M G

know nothing about Pokemon but this is cool

Piper Thibodeau, whose work includes incredible, adorable takes on cryptids and famous monsters, and the thing that really hooked me redesigns for over a hundred of the original Pokémon.

Oh my goodness... I love this... read the whole thing!

OH MY GOD THE FEELS. His mama died so a ditto turned into a charizard to take care of him until he could protect himself ; <--- Or Ditto is actually his dad, and his mom was the Charizard in the relationship

trop chou !!!

These are a few drawings from an awesome artist named ItsBirdy on IG. Go check him out.---Pokémon cosplaying as the evolutions

programme sportif tonicite pour le marathon de Paris

Yoga-Get Your Sexiest Body Ever Without - entrainement tonicité (alterner course et exercices) - Get your sexiest body ever without,crunches,cardio,or ever setting foot in a gym


Awesome<<< how dare they pair archeops with Charizard archeops deserves so much better than that fake ass fire bitch