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two people dressed in black and gold are looking at a laptop computer while standing next to each other
Daft Punk releasing new album in spring
daft punk
a black and white photo of a person in a car wearing a motorcycle helmet, sitting on the passenger seat
daft punk
two people wearing helmets sitting in front of sound mixing equipment
Fascinating Photos of Famous Musicians in Their Studios
Daft Punk
black and white photograph of two people in shiny suits with masks on their faces, facing each other
Daft Punk: Interview audio sur France Inter - KULTT
Daft Punk. Mathieu Cesar
a black background with headphones and the words slow punk written in white on it
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Daft Punk
two people wearing helmets standing next to each other in front of a purple and blue background
Daft punk
two people wearing futuristic clothing and helmets standing next to each other in front of an abstract background
Daft Punk
two men dressed in black and silver are dancing
Daft Punk
two people standing in front of a crowd with red and black dots on the background
a man in a space suit and helmet holding his hand up to the side while standing on
Daft Punk
two people wearing helmets with the words robot rock in front of them on a black background
The Better Way To Dress
Robot Rock T-Shirt Designed by Bamboota Source: http://teecraze.com/robot-rock-t-shirt/
a poster with an image of a person surrounded by many different types of electronic equipment
Daft Time? Adventure Punk?