I burst into tears. I have a weakness for this expression. You never get hungry or cold. On the other hand, we burst out laughing or sobbing. There are feelings that justify shattering.

Mon rêve

briefly, it was my dream to be yoursite :/

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Je ne reviendrai jamais

Je ne reviendrai jamais

I still remember it well. SLM is perfect in so many ways.

Love & Soulmate Quotes: QUOTATION – Image : As the quote says – Description The happiest I've ever felt was that moment when I discovered you loved me too. I love you pop tart!

Whatever, you messed up! With your D I S R E S P E C T!!

My bad for mistaken your words you cared for real. I remember bringing​ up to you and you saying if I told you ,count on it. I did whoops. - This is emotional manipulation.

You gotta speak up tho, you can't ignore me... what do you want??? Simple question.... I'm in 100%, you know that.... do you want everything I have told you or not !!! It's up to her.... she gonna regret big time cuz I know what the next 60yrs look like together to bad she don't .

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C'est vrai la plupart du temps

It's a bit of a mess in my head because you are elsewhere . et dans mon coeur aussi.

(2) Twitter

(2) Twitter

"I only want to collect moments of happiness." - Stendhal.

How to be a Parisian -the fun way

je ne veut désormais collectionner que les moments de bonheur

Je ne t'en veux pas pour ne pas avoir été là. Je t'en veux pour m'avoir jugée, mal, et accablée. Et cette page je n'arriverai pas à la tourner si tu ne fais rien.

How to be a Parisian -the fun way

Tu es ma plus belle cicatrice.You are my most beautiful scar.

Je pense toujours à toi comme à une erreur nécessaire

I Always Think About you, like an error Needed.

Et puis un matin, penser à toi ne plus tué

Pas encore mais on y viendra.


The worst part of life is waiting. The best part of life is having something worth waiting