When packaging gets clever.

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Most Creative Packages in the World — Coloribus

site says:“I created this spaghetti packaging for a university project last year. The brief was to package one of 5 difficult items i. eggs, a rose, custard powder, spaghetti or marbles. I chose spaghetti.

Most Creative Packages in the World — Coloribus

Haha) Creative product packaging idea from Japan. According to one Internet commenter “the packaging says “Black melon bread.” More like a pastry snack out of a vending machine than just a cookie.

Designed Food Packaging

Jooze juice cartons

Design by Yunyeen Yong for Jooze juice boxes geared towards young kids and toddlers.

Gamma Creative - Blog

Created by Japanese industrial designer Naoto Fukasawa, the juice box’s packaging is supposed to be more appealing to the eye by imitating the actual fruit they contain. The fold on the banana is.

Several Designs for one packaging.

Tohato Caramel Corn cool variations of packaging among the same product. the faces are similar to those of the emoticons. the mouths of the bags have a cutout to see the product.