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three different types of vases sitting next to each other
I dream, create and admire
Lighting, Lamps, Wall lamps, Floor Lamps, Bedsides lamp, Table lamps, Pendant Lamps, chandeliers, Furniture, Design, Decor, Makeover
a wooden fence in front of some bushes
Trellis & Screens
slatted timber fence negative detail - Google Search
the light on the wall is made out of wood
Cet article n'est pas disponible - Etsy
Lampes de décoration en bois idéal pour mélanger ambiance foudre et la belle décoration naturelle ! Contient 8 modules de LED et répand une lumière douce fine. Composé de morceaux de chêne avec l’accent sur la texture du bois naturel. Poli et lissé par des mains à l’aide de matériaux sûrs
a wooden object with a light coming out of it's back end on the floor
Reclaimed Wood Led Floor Lamp - iD Lights
Reclaimed Wood Led Floor Lamp - wood-lamps, floor-lamps
a light that is on top of a table
10 Classy-Style Kitchen Designs with Gorgeous Marble Backsplash
Masa lambası
an industrial light fixture hanging from the ceiling
Gallery of Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring / ORA - 11
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter… and Spring / ORA #mobiliario
a pond surrounded by rocks and plants next to a wooden wall with flowers on it
18 Mind Blowing Lighting Wall Art Ideas For Your Home And Outdoors - The ART in LIFE
Plasma cut scrap metal sculpture, doubling as wood rack and reflective feature!
a room filled with lots of tall wooden poles next to a white brick wall and floor
Mystic Woodland Installations
Arboreal Fragments: found wood / tree trunk / frosted glass / cast glass / art installation / ambient / atmospheric / nature CREDIT: Ione Thorkelsson
a light that is on top of a table
lampe bureau
a wooden object with a light coming out of it's back end on the floor : Décoration Led - Rubans À LED / Éclairage Spécial : Luminaires Et Éclairage
Reclaimed wood table lamp Magùt Dimensions in cm.: 21 5/51 L 12 H P tot The wood was salvaged from old axles for construction sites that have been lightly sanded and finished with transparent water-based paint for interiors GLOSS10 Led lights are a philip
some plants and lights are on the side of a window sill in front of a cityscape
Our Light Column #Bollard with Bubbles shield delivers the wow factor by bringing unexpected details to your outdoor space