Les femmes sont belles

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Les femmes sont belles

Model wearing a dress by Lanvin-Castillo, Paris Photo by Regina Relang.

02 - L'auto, la mode dans les années 50

Stella Tenbrook in Jacques Fath’s cocktail dress and hat, photo by Willy Maywald 1955

Des hommes au début des années 1950

This is an example of the suit styles that were popular in the Men started wearing single breasted suits with natural shoulders and a tubular silhouette. As the decade went on men's suits became narrower and narrower.

Une bande de Teddy boys

Youth Culture - Teddy Boys - The 'teddy boy' style became popular among some teenage boys. They wore: tight trousers, pointed shoes and brightly-coloured jackets with thin velvet lapels. Hairstyles copied the glamorous look of movie stars.