Rusting Buddha

“One of the beautiful things about Buddhism is that it does not worship Buddha as a god or deity, but instead celebrates the Buddha as an example of a normal person like you and me who applied a good.

Chinese contemporary art Zhu Yi Yong, oil on canvas.

Zhu Yi Yong - Zhu Yiyong - 朱毅勇 1957 Born in Chongqing, China Studied at the Oil Painting Department of the Sichuan Academy of.

painting Ling Jian

Ling Jian 1963 Born in Shandong Province, China 1982 Studied in Qinghua University Art College, Beijing 1986 Graduat.

Liu Wen

Numéro China No. 6 March 2011 Title: Fearless Photographer: Kai Z Feng Models: Liu Wen, Theres Alexandersson Stylist: Joseph Carle

ling jian

red-lipstick: Ling Jian (b. Shandong Province, China, - Little White Rabbit, 2008 Paintings: Oil on Canvas