me in a few ... chucks, hat & all

I'm going to be this old lady someday.except the scooter isn't quite my style.but the converse totally are;

just don't judge people. plain and simple.

whatever the choice is, the options will surely be based on his current situation which arised from his previous life decisions. No need to judge. Just be factual. Everything will be seen clearer than mineral water.

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Quelques pas, quelques chansons, c'est bon que de s'amuser.

Group of Senior Women, Laughing and Dancing- As a young woman I always said…


Nah in most cultures means "No". In my culture, it means an assuring "Here, take it from me". Only family and close friends use it with each other. With a change of tone, it could also mean a dismissive "That that, sucker!" to a rude person.

Jacques à dit be happy

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"Il n'y a pas de honte à préférer le Bonheur." Citation d'Albert Camus

There is no shame in preferring happiness. ~ Citation of Français ~