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New laser engraver !
Got the new Xtool F-1 laser engraver and customized some boxes with it! So happy with the result it was so easy to use 😍
New Thermal printer
What it looked like before i used a thermal printer versus now, life has become easier !
3 things in my home that I love !
3 things i own that i love ! 1: my hama beads homer, i made the pattern from a drawing from the show and spent quite a few hours creating this giant head during confinement. It looks so awesome next to my desk! 10/10 recommend 😍 2: DIY frames to disply my enamel pins ! I made these with ikea frames, corkboard cut to size and fabric. Super easy to make and i love having my pins displayed as art when i dont wear them 🥰 3: my good vibes neon sign. Made in collab with YellowPop along with others!
Quickly reuse an old photo shoot for new item color ways
Emboss like a boss at home in 3 easy steps!
How to make a gradient background in procreate in less than a minute! ✨💜🌈