Joel Procacci

Joel Procacci

Joel Procacci
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Reflection of illusion – Design et Origami par Qi HU

"Reflection of illusion", a project from the designer Qi HU and his studio HU Design, created for Printemps in Paris. Some abstract and angular creations

Lightpainting a Model: Dressing Up In Light

If you’ve ever been to a professional Fashion shoot you’ll know that most of the time the clothes don’t fit right. Many times models will have clothes pinned at the back to make the clothes look for “fitted” for the.

Lightpainting a Model: Dressing Up In Light By Anton Conrad

Atton Conrad chose to take fashion photography into a different dimention, instead of using clothes he used light from "electroiluminescent wire" to paint clothes onto the models. Taking away the classic fashion style and adding a interesting new view.