Matzo Ball Soup - Warm, comforting, and sure to make you feel better on a cold blustery day.

Matzo Ball Soup

Warm and cozy, Matzo Ball Soup always fills you with warm fuzzies. This version is easy, uncomplicated, and perfect for beginners. Step by step photos.

Orange And Almond Cake With Mascarpone

EASY Orange & Almond Cake with Orange Scented Mascarpone This flourless orange & almond cake is a classic Passover dessert drawing on the Sephardic traditions of the Jewish community. It is dense, super moist & very forgiving.

Passover Baklava Cake - Made this last year, and it was FABULOUS. It will make an encore appearance this year!

Passover Baklava Cake

Passover Baklava Cake - This rich, nutty confection is soaked in a honey-citrus syrup, giving it a flavor much like baklava. (Use GF matzoh to make matzo meal). NOTE TO SELF: Check out pinned Peanut Butter Baklava recipe to potentially switch up!

The traditional flavors are apricot, fig, prunes, strawberry — that kind of thing. | 32 Crazy Hamantaschen For Purim

Hamantaschen for Jewish celebration Purim. The traditional flavours are apricot, fig, prunes, strawberry — that kind of thing. But here are lots of fun recipes for all sort of flavours!

25 Passover Mains With No Meat

25 Passover Mains With No Meat

For those of you out there celebrating Passover vegan or vegetarian are 25 Passover Mains With No Meat!

Pecan Apple Strudel Cake (Gluten Free) Created from Gluten Free Apple Cake and Apple Cinnamon Muffins With Crumble Topping (Gluten-Free) . This cake can be eaten warm, or at room temperature which we like.