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Mexican painter and street artist Flavio Martínez, aka Curiot, creates colorful illustrations of giant imaginary creatures. More street art via Manifesto

faith47+-+saturation.incubation.illumination-12.jpg (1010×996)

Street Art By South African Muralist For Avant Garde Urban In Tudela, Spain.

Faith47-street-art-in-NYC.jpg (720×540)

Street art murals painted by DALeast and in NoLita and the East Village in New York City

'let he who tied the bell to the lion take it off' miami - 2012

Sarah Jayne Fell Cape Town-based writer, editor and painter of words

curiot -

Mexico City-based street artist Favio Martinez or 'Curiot' creates impressive street art murals. Colorful and complex, his works depict.

Lauren Napolitano

Shrine & Lauren Napolitano Reckless In Love Shack

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athena lamberis: sense masala: Public art meets crowd-funding for social change in Cape Town, South Africa

Faith47,_rhapsody.jpg (1300×975)

This short film shows the making of 'Rhapsody', completed for the Wall Therapy mural project based in Rochester, NY.


Herbert Baglione’s pen-and-ink drawings apprehend death. But rather than mourning the deceased or fearing the beyond, Baglione covers his thin, fading characters with lush bouquets of meticul…


Take me to Church: Street Artist Covers Spanish ‘Skate Temple’ with Murals

streetartnews_faith47_gaeta_italy-4.jpg (1600×563)

Street Art : Mural painted by Faith 47 at the Urbane Memory festival in Gaeta, Italy.