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Tres jolie structure de bibliothèque

To make the built-in bookshelves on this deep grey wall stand out, the shelves were lined with wood to add a natural touch and create warmth in the office interior. *Nice for shelving for door to bathroom

living room

Arched ceilings give an airy, but potentially cold, feeling to the space. Warmth is retained through the use of woods that echo the wood of the door, the use a patterned rug and the fabric of the textured sofas. Great chandelier, too.

table à manger en bois massif et acier inoxydable design Riflessi

Table à manger en bois naturel à pieds croisés en acier de design unique!

salon clair en blanc et gris avec un panneau mural en bois, écran plasma et…

Écran plat mural – une option élégante pour le salon moderne

Plan de Maison, Petite Maison

Would be lovely w a more traditional exterior, ex. windows spaced apart w shutters, peaked roof over the front porch.