Jules Rigolle Pas

Jules Rigolle Pas

Jules Rigolle Pas
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isla8.jpg (900×598)

travelingcolors: “Fractal Andalusia (by Héctor Garrido)La Isla Mínima (Marshland) Watch the trailer ”

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The salt marshes of southern Spain’s Coto Doñana National Park seem alive, breathing, organic, brainlike, capillary. The Doñana wetlands formed through the meanderings of the Guadalquivir River

La-isla-mínima.jpg (600×245)

La-isla-mínima.jpg (600×245)

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A combination sand and rain storm batters a lone automobile in Kuwait, May Photograph by David Cupp, National Geographic [ Gold. The CV ]

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sheer 100 foot cliffs of eroded ash rise before mount katolinat in alaska_photograph by winfield parks national geographic

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Photograph by Joe Scherschel - Men soak in mineral-laden hot waters of the Rudas Baths in Budapest, Hungary, April 1971 - National Geographic

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natgeofound: “ Two girls dressed as lobsters participate in the Lobster Festival in Rockland, Maine, September by Luis Marden, National Geographic ”

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natgeofound: “A man holds a Cape cobra as his son force-feeds it to assure venom supply, November by Justin Locke, National Geographic ”