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an open book with pictures of women in white clothing and sandals on the pages,
The Gentlewoman – n° 9
The Gentlewoman – n° 9
an old black and white photo of people in the desert with mountains in the background
13 Things I Found on the Internet Today (Vol. LXXXV)
a woman standing in front of a white wall with writing on it and an image of a person cutting food
an open book with writing on it and pictures of fruit trees in the back ground
lesthetiquedelinventaire: “ Raymond Meeks ”
an open book with pictures of people and animals
JENS F. Collier Schorr
Fashion Lab: JENS F. Collier Schorr
there are pictures of various rooms in the house and one is filled with furniture, including an old fashioned sewing machine
an open book with photos and text on it