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NCIS Season 1 Episode 5 - "The Curse" ~ Ha ha! I love it when Gibbs all of a sudden pipes up from behind his desk. He hears everything they say, and they never learn!

Stand Up 2 Cancer teams up with immunotherapy pioneers Cancer Research Institute and NCIS star Mark Harmon in spreading the word about immunotherapy in this important new PSA.

Gibbs slaps Gibbs

NCIS Season 3 Episode 16 - "Family Secret" ~ It is no longer a head slap people. It is a Gibbs-slap! And Gibbs gives himself a Gibbs-slap in this episode.

"A slap to the back of the head is a wake up call."

It takes 42 muscles to frown when you're upset, but it only takes 4 muscles to extend your arm and Gibbs-slap the idiot who upset you on the back of the head!

I have watched NCIS, CSI, Law and Order, Criminal Minds......... I can kill you…

Free and Funny News Ecard: I have watched NCIS, CSI, Law and Order, Criminal Minds. I can kill you 50 ways and still make it look like and accident!

Quote from the S1E1!!!

I thought I'd make a deviation of my favourite NCIS quote, as I'm taking a small break from typing up the latest chapter to my story NCIS quote