Love this idea! What's the number? Kids ask questions like Is the number greater than/less than....? Is the number between ___ and ___? Is the number in the tens place ____? etc. No two questions in a row can make the same comparison. Or students may ask in number sentences- - Is the number 5+1?

"Guess the Number" Kids ask questions like "is the number greater/less than___?", "is the number between ___ and___?", "is the number in the tens place___?", "is the number to guess the selected number.

Math Work Station  (Adding numbers) LOVE this!!!

Math Work Station (Adding numbers) Note: great for hands-on learning, visual learning, and getting up and moving!

Cute material for practicing numbers! This blog has SOOO many place value ideas and tips!! #preschool #efl #education (repinned by Super Simple Songs)

Place Value in First Grade


Maybe use with multiplication facts instead? The children roll dice and add up the numbers, if the sum equals the number on the bowling pin, they "knock" it down. The first child to knock all the bowling pins down wins!

manipuler représentations 0-10 - Nurvero - La vie en classe

manipuler représentations 0-10

Lancer le dé et barrer le nombre correspondant ; le premier qui a terminé.

Game: Each player takes a turn to roll the die and crosses out the matching number. The first player to cross out all his numbers wins. For a decomposing numbers game: roll dice or a number cube and cross out two numbers that make that number.

Défis "Explorer le monde : espace et temps" Plus

Défis "Explorer le monde : espace et temps"

jeux mathématiques CP additions

Trouver le résultat d'additions

jeu maths dizaines unités | Les cliparts viennent de

jeu maths dizaines unités | Les cliparts viennent de