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Hufflepuff by onejamephilly -- Harry Potter iPhone 4 Wallpaper. - Each contains the house crest and their main character traits. Also are included some notable house members.

These do two things: Shows me WHY I'm a Hufflepuff and Makes me proud to be one.these are all values I prize most

True story. I think that given different circumstances, Draco would have chosen a different path. I also think there's a parallel here between him and Snape in comparison to their relationship to Harry and James respectively.

Yes, I'm a Harry Potter fanatic. And yes, I've ALWAYS loved Draco. Truth :) "I hear "Draco as the boy who made all the wrong choices" a lot, but I honestly beleive: Draco is the boy.who never got a choice" . EVERYONE should have a choice.

So different yet so similar, they both just wanted to protect the childhood and innocence of those they loved.

I love this. Molly is considered to be the quintessential Mother figure. And here we see the parallel to show that Narcissa is indeed as much of a great caring mother for her son just as Molly is to her family.

Quidditch World Cup. Where can I get my ticket?

Do you love Quidditch and want to tell the world about it? Or do you know someone who plays Quidditch and want to give them a Valentines Day gift they'll love? In this lens, you'll find a little Quidditch store with a hand-picked selection of.