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an image of some type of art that looks like it is made out of metal
You never know what's around the corner — Gary Percival
You never know what's around the corner — Gary Percival
an advertisement is displayed on the side of a building with black and white lines in it
LA 2024 Olympic Bid City
LA 2024 Olympic Bid City Plus
several different types of brochures are shown in this graphic design style, including one with
Romans-Sur-Isère - Identity Design
Last December we took part in a public consultation to design the new visual identity of the city of Romans-sur-Isère.Romans-sur-Isère is located on the right bank of the Isère river, not far from the city of Valence (Drôme). With its city neighbor Bourg…
there are many different banners on the floor
Théâtre de la Bordée by Noémie Beaulieu
several pieces of paper with red, white and blue designs on them
MIZUNO • codes - fuku
"Uphill Marathon 2016", for 'Mizuno Sportswear International', and 'Nazca Saatchi&Saatchi', PosterArt, (2016) - Art Director and Illustration by André Fukumoto/Raphael Rosa, Typography by A. Fukumoto/R. Rosa.
the cover of an article about crafting and quality, with images of men's clothing
- Club Man Shop by Calvin Tan
a woman with long hair standing in front of an orange and blue background that says sza
Business Design News & Trends | Fast Company
6 | Spotify Unveils A Bold New Brand Identity | Co.Design | business + design
three brochures are sitting on top of each other in front of a black background
Index Projets - Graphistes Paris et Direction artistique
Les Graphiquants // Biennale musique en scène 2012.
various brochures and booklets are spread out on a table with grey background
Dark Side of Typography
designeverywhere: “ Ouverture ”
a poster with the words sophiismation super written in white and blue on a red background
10 inspirational graphic design trends for 2018 - 99designs
Duotone poster design
Spotify's Colorful New Brand Identity | StockLogos.com Portrait, Sxsw Poster, Social Media Design, Rebranding, Visual
Make Logos, Business Cards, Social Designs and More | BrandCrowd
Spotify's Colorful New Brand Identity | StockLogos.com
there's a dancer in all of us poster with the words, there's a dancer in all of us
jeu typographique - cadrage photo
a poster with an image of a man in white shirt and pink circles around him
Poster - changph.com
Incredible design! So different. More
a poster with an image of a bear on it
Endangered Species by Maxime Francout, via Behance
an open brochure is shown on the ground with various images and text in it
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Duotone is a term for multi-tone printing. Specific colours are chosen, unlike CMYK printing, and applied in varied amounts to create tone and gradient within an image or print.