Linear Actions - sheets of paper cut freehand, one by one, then stacked. By Noriko Ambe

Intricate Paper Sculpture with amazing layered white textures, made using yupo paper and glue // Noriko Ambe

Texture- cracked paint give an old abandoned look, references to me cracked porcelain, abandoned and neglected

Here in this picture I can really feel what the cracked wall feels like. The texture is all cracked and hard. Texture is the surface quality or feel of an object,roughness,smooth,soft etc.

blanc | white | bianco | 白 | belyj | gwyn | color | texture | form | skull

RESERVED for Casey - The Wiloughby - White Faux Human Head - Resin Skeleton - Sugar Skull Like

The Wiloughby - White Faux Human Head - Resin Skeleton - Sugar Skull Like


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Silver + Cement--Richard Tuttle

Mixed materials of silver and cement by Richard Tuttle - need a cool sculpture like this on my new dresser!



LES NÉBULEUSES Né d'un rêve de nébuleuses, ce projet reprend une poésie propre à Ying Gao, qui poursuit son exploration des influences entre l’homme et son environnement.

LES NÉBULEUSES - One of five creations where Ying Gao explores the influences between the individual and his/her environment. The creations are made of super organza with uncertain edges, the limits are defined by the fabric’s touch on the body.