Ma licorne n'a pas voulu démarrer

Pull " Désolée pour le retard ma licorne n'a pas voulu démarrer " 🖊

Robe de mariée princesse de la marque Milla Nova - Cliquez sur l'image pour voir…

[tps_header] Back in April, I wrote a post about lace wedding dresses, so many girls love this dress and this dress, both of he incredibly dreamy wedding dresses from Milla Nova 2016 Bridal Collection.

leather skirt + long sleeve + tights + boots

-cute white polka dot button down longer sleeve, black leather skater skirt, sheer black tights, black booties fall/winter outfit- just bought my leather skirt 😁

Kimono pampilles décontracté floral -bleu  17.48

Kimono pampilles décontracté floral -bleu

A pretty casual kimono with a vintage blue design. Tassels on the bottom of the sleeves and the base :) xx

Robe de mariée Mojito collection 2015 by David Purves

Credits: Anna Kara & William Carnimolla for Tati & David Purves & Claire Petibone & dress Claire Petibone, photo Moat Hill Photography