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I love that this has a flippable zone for the current rotation. IRS: maybe alternating the type of storage -- front facing and side facing and different sized bins.

teeth, art, sculpture

The Tooth Worm as Hell’s Demon A.) France - this ivory carving is contained within a molar separated into two halves of equal size that open out into two scenes depicting the infernal torments of toothache as a battle with the Tooth Worm.


How did an underwater photographer get this photo of a Pacific black dragonfish (Idiacanthus antrostomus)? He was part of a project documenting deep-sea animals found in Monterey Bay, California.

– 400g de riz à sushi – 440g d’eau – 200g de pavé de saumon – 2 avocats – 200 gr de crevettes roses cuites – 1/4 de concombre – 2 feuilles d’algues – Wasabi – 6 cs de vinaigre à sushi – Graines de sésames, oignons frits, ciboulette, coriandre … – Sauce soja (sucrée ou salée)

Sushi Burger of sushi rice - of water - of salmon paving stone - 2 lawyers - 200 gr of cooked pink shrimp - cucumber - 2 leaves of seaweed - Wasabi - 6 cs of sushi vinegar - Sesame seeds, fried onions, chives, coriander . - Soy sauce (sweet or salty)