Creating art from all around is a way of turning life into interesting thought provoking ideas. Great "street" art pieces and were wondering how the artist did them, here you go :)

Mexico, Artist Unknown - A skeleton mother, little skeletons clamoring at her feet, yet she holds a red rose.

Yarn Bombing - Collectif France Tricot

Paris street art, la poste Graffiti style art things at…

the goodness of humanity's soul @feathered tales of a hippie child.

Understand when someone no longer positively affects your life. Don’t hinder your growth.

Mario Bros

Funny pictures about Mario street art. Oh, and cool pics about Mario street art. Also, Mario street art photos.

love the color

"Loneliness of Autumn," by Leonid Afremov. The colors are so beautiful, I don't get a sense of loneliness at all, hmmm.