Affiches mai 68 (aujourd'hui ça marche bien aussi ! On ajouterait la presse en grande partie; le Net c'est encore autre chose)

Atelier Populaire - On vous intoxique!, 1968 (Popular Workshop - They’re intoxicating you!

The beauty is in the street, 1968 Student protest poster

Street poster supporting the May 1968 uprisings, depicting a woman revolutionary throwing a paving stone. The text, "beauty is in the streets", is a situationist slogan.

[Mai 1968]. Information libre (tête au bandeau sur les yeux), [Atelier Beaux arts] : [affiche] / [non identifié]

A Gallery of Visually Arresting Posters from the May 1968 Paris Uprising in Open Culture - Art, History, Politics

French Posters, Letterpress, Paris Protests, Elle Sourit, Situationist International, Protest Art, Power Pop, Personal Investigation, Ce Qui

Affiches mai 68

Title: Frontièrs Repression / Origin: France - 1968 / 23 x 29 in x 74 cm) / Borders = repression A poster made in 68 by student protestors in France.

[Mai 1968]. Et après ?, Atelier populaire : [affiche] / [non identifié]

[Mai 1968]. Et après ?, Atelier populaire : [affiche] / [non identifié]