Les animations autour des logos : 25 exemples en mouvement

Don’t you think animated logos would be a great idea to apply in? Here’s wonderful amazing logo animations collection.

Veni Vídeo Vici

We were commissioned by CBRE to develop an infographic series based on a global real estate statistic report. 15 infographic pieces were developed. The videos were shown in simultaneous screens during the CBRE event.

Equateur - The Lava

I didn't know French band Equateur until I saw their Another-World-ish video for their EP Lava, which should be turned in to a video game ASAP. The video was created by Kadavre Exquis.

Hey Arnoldo! on Behance

Hey Arnoldo! on Behance


IKEA, Method Kitchen Advert Muted tones, three prominent colours, White (neutral), green and yellow. A concerted effort to pick out coordination in colour in product and ephemera.