bad ass girls, 1928

Photoshopped, but still amusing. The "Badass are actually 1928 WAMPAS Baby Stars in a promotional photo.

Fashion models working for Simonetta in Florence, Italy - August 1951 - Photo by Milton Greene - @~Mlle collage

An Open Letter to the Fatherless Daughter

I love looking at old this time periosd.the style is amazing. Fashion models rest on a street corner, by Milton Greene, Italy, 1951


Why do beautiful women have to smoke cigarettes? A cigarette in a woman’s symbolize a certain air of success, mystery, and true femininit.

Be yourself ♪

girl Black and White fashion white piercing face style Model ring black finger tattoos hand tattoo nails woman arm black nails hand tattoo tatuagem arm tattoo face tattoo rock style finger tattoo face piercing rock girl girl style jakcet rock jacket black


Preserved Moments of Historical Sass (Vol.3)