Early learning math center (kindergarten) The child will match the number on the clip to the to the number of items in each section.

Mélange des couleurs pour la peinture

COLORS______Mélange des couleurs pour la peinture I know french so I understand this. I think you can all figure most out.Cause it is color coded thx god.

iron man sans capote #Irondad

You’ll never be as cool as Irondad…

IRON NANNY - But the most powerful babysitter of all would have to be? Iron Man Mark II suit by John Bekkensten.


Cutest Valentine's baby picture idea EVER!going to do this to my kids for Valentines day!

La carte des émotions. A imprimer et à montrer aux enfants pour les aider à exprimer leurs émotions

Really cute emotions cards (you can just modify the name to English or delete it all together).