by : めいたろう on pixiv ;).........I don't really ship them....well I kinda do but I kinda don't....*sigh* I don't know who I want to ship Luffy with anymore.....

Looks like luffy wants nami to be his next meal. If that doesn't resort to cannibalism LuNa

Monkey D. Luffy

A newer version of my Luffy Chibi I did back in 2011 [link] from One Piece! I'll be selling chibis as stickers for upcoming conventions I'll be attendin. One Piece: Luffy 2013 Chibi

Bâteaux vaisseau nommé le "Thousand Sunny Ship" du « Capitaine LUffY Monkey D. » au surnom "le Chapeau Paille" ~ Tableau Peint à la main. ~ ⚓_Øne_Piece_⚓

One Piece Inspired Handmade Bleached Shirt - Thousand Sunny Ship

Découvrez les personnages de One piece version Chibi :3  #onepiece #chibimanga #manga #kana

The sixth member of the Straw Hats from the hit series One Piece: Tony Tony Chopper! I'll be selling chibis as stickers for upc. One Piece: Chopper Chibi