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I think angels should always have great big, beautiful and grand wings.  This one pushes the envelope of the extreme, but it's still a remarkable piece.

Spirit Guide blank greetings card by fantasy artist Anne Stokes. Angel greetings card by Anne Stokes. Blank for your own message.

26 Amazing Body Artwork Pictures That Will Make you to Get a Tattoo Right Away Photo

Trees sky moon tattoo 26 Amazing Body Artwork Pictures That Will Make you to Get a Tattoo Right Away Photo

Geometric tattoo -- fade from heavy to light line

Tattooing collected Black Geometric Arm Tattoo in Prodigious Tattoos. And Black Geometric Arm Tattoo is the best Arm Tattoos for 157 people. Explore and find personalized tattoos about for girls.

Tattoo Artist - Josh Duffy Tattoo |

Tattoo Artist - Josh Duffy Tattoo - time tattoo It just amazes me to see some of this wondrous works of art.

DESIGN >>> Lampe Nissyoku par igendesign - Journal du Design

Lamp Swingy Magnative by IGEN Design- I thought this was a cool idea which is different and unlike anything I've seen yet. Which what I love about design there's always a different to approach different things and come up with something spectacular.

Not sure where, maybe my calf or left inner forearm, but I want this. I love it so much!

Music Crazy Micro TaT A lot of people love music, so do they love tattoo. What are the tattoo ideas for music fans? In this post you will enjoy a list of lovely music tattoo designs. Every music element, music… Continue Reading →

Flora-Infused Female Paintings - Jennifer Healy Renders Women with Flowery and Fishy Anatomy (GALLERY)

"The Duchess"by Jennifer Healy {contemporary figurative artist fantasy blonde-hair female head woman face portrait surreal illustration artwork} ♥

Illusive | Designer: Petros Afshar

Illusive by Petros Afshar, via Behance Flat Illustrative Style + Display Type. So good I can't decide which category to put this in: Typography, Design, or Fine Art?

You have to focus to really take it all in, but I've never seen better artistry.  The detail in the statues and the eye make them look so real.

Look at that eye! Full sleeve angel tattoo by the Swedish ink master, Niki Norberg.

(3) Likes | Tumblr

Urban Ninja Dope Chef Streetwear Swag Black Snapback Swag Clothing Line.their was a guy in my neighborhood who used to dress like this.and would post up on the block.

30 Classy Tattooed People Who Show That Body Art Doesn't Make You Look Unprofessional

30 Classy Tattooed People Who Show That Body Art Doesn’t Make You Look Unprofessional

"I saw the angel in the marble & carved until I set him free." ~ Michelangelo / Photo by ~ArticMoonsky on deviantART

Dear Angels, I love you. there is an angel on me. near me or inside me everyday. I've collected Angels for years. The only tattoo I have is of an Angel with the likeness of my Mother.