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a woman in green pleated skirt and pink socks standing on red carpeted floor
M/B. + Follow me by Gémo x L'Autruche nantaise #wearemb #followmebygemo #lautruchenantaise
a woman laying on the floor next to a purple couch
Les chutes comiques et improbables de Sandro Giordano
Photo : Sandro Giordano
a person in yellow and blue is leaning against two green trash cans with their legs up
Contortionists squeeze into tight spaces in bizarre form of street art
Feeling electric: The 'danger of death' signs did little to put off this contortionist dressed in a yellow hoodie
several people in orange and pink sitting on steps near the tower bridge, looking at something
a woman laying in bed covered in green grass on top of her head and body
Oh hi, we're Reformation - About Us
Parisa Dress
a woman is standing in front of a fence with pillows on her head
Jamais sans mon oreiller !!
a person laying on the ground with their legs in the air while holding two cups
Les positions d’Isabelle Wenzel
two people sitting on the floor in front of a blue couch with pieces of paper scattered around them
Le festival Circulation(s) 2017 ouvre ses portes samedi 21 janvier
Weronika-Gesicka ° Le cent quatre, Festival Circulations
a woman in a white dress is holding an umbrella over her head while walking through the grass
Harper's Bazaar Singapore April 2018 Maggie Jablonski and Becca Horn by Georges Antoni
Harper’s Bazaar Singapore April 2018 Maggie Jablonski and Becca Horn by Georges Antoni
a man sitting in front of a pile of yellow flowers
Stop, Drop & Vogue
Pritika Swarup in “Embrace The Fabric of India” for Vogue India October 2017 photographed by Kristian Schuller
a white vase sitting on top of a wooden bench in front of a green wall
(Artist: Isabell Wenzel, 2015) This piece fits within my theme because of its unusual body position and composition.