Coloring book stationery by MiniHaus is a great idea for kids headed to sleepaway camp.

Colouring book envelopes, use those left alone coloring book pages and make them into envelopes! Plus that colored paper in the closet from when the kids were young could be put to some good use.


Cute diy Gift: Personalize a set of inexpensive moleskine cardboard books as a special gift! Add some fabulous pens for grownups or colorful markers for kids! Of course, I could always do one myself.

origami business card holders.

How to make an origami business card holder. (Check out the site for 'Fabric Origami Business Card Holder' !


Wedding Invitations designed and made by Claire Dalgliesh of Fellow Fellow, theyre just my cup of tea. I particularly like the white calligraphy on the brown kraft card.

Celebrate! - Sam Dubeau

Celebration Greeting Cards

This is a party invitation but it would be a great idea to include confetti for a wedding or birthday card

Jouets transparents, géométriques & colorés - Plumetis Magazine

Play with shapes & color overlays - printable cards for transparency film free diy printable puzzle type game for kids