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Become a DIY Expert With These 25 Projects

25 Insanely Fun DIY Projects To Try In The Comfort Of Your Own Home Origami Gift Box - A simple yet fantastic and unique way to give gifts. This origami gift box even has room for a little message to be slipped inside.

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craft diy -- origami envelope tutorial, great for customizing gifts and cards

Origami Hexagon Flower Box

Origami Hexagon Flower Box Don& know if I can make it, but it sure looks co.

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A simple origami dress makes a cute DIY thank you card. It’s great for Mother’s Day, bridesmaids and bridal showers, or simply showing your appreciations for fancy ladies. Let’s get some fancy paper and start making this cute dresses thank you card!

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Learn the history of origami art and then learn to do at least one origami craft to impress your sweetheart with your knowledge and talent (Origami heart notes).

Pliage de serviette en papier en forme de robe de soirée, plier une serviette de table en papier, réaliser une robe en papier pour fêter les anniversaires les mariages le bal de finissants la fête des mères etc etc, pliage de serviette de table en papier en forme de robe de soirée

Folding paper towel in the shape of evening dress, folding a paper napkin, make a paper dress to celebrate birthdays weddings the prom of mothers day& parties etc. etc, folding paper napkin into Evening Dress Shape

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Bourke Bourke Raska--this would be neat for a whole class to work on one part.