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cosmetic packaging from Laboté.
cosmetic packaging from Laboté.
three brown bottles with black caps are lined up against a white background and one is empty
Büro System
Büro System on Behance
three bottles of different types of hair care products on a white background with flowers and leaves
Eira Spray — Branding & Packaging Design
six bottles of essential oils on a white background
Aeskulap Pharmacy Packaging
a bottle of wine sitting on top of a bed
it's meg kehoe
a bottle of gin sitting on top of a table
Buenos Aires
three boxes sitting on top of a marble counter next to each other with the same product in them
three boxes are stacked on top of each other
Organic Elements
Organic Elements on Behance
Mamauki Coffee House: branding and packaging design by Aja Marie Johnson. Curator’s Insight: Mamauki Coffee House is a good example of how the shape of the labels, illustrations and typography can make a big difference in creating a unique and catchy brand identity that attracts consumers who want something more than just coffee. Aja Marie Johnson did an amazing job of bringing the brand to life and making it look gorgeous. #packaging #graphicdesign #branding #coffeedesign #designinspo Layout Design, Rum, Coffee Packaging, Coffee Branding, Coffee Branding Design, Coffee Design
Mamauki Coffee House Packaging + Design Project
a bottle of wine sitting on top of a wooden table next to a metal can
Sinner Gin
(60) Sinner Gin – Packaging Of The World
three bottles of wine are lined up on a shelf, one is labeled naturopath
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