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a pair of scissors sitting on top of a table next to an empty container with tape
STEM learning - Sphero chariot building
(58) STEM learning - Sphero chariot building - YouTube
a young boy playing with toys on the floor
Sphero Obstacle Course Challenge and Participatory Learning
a poster with the words, you will place a sphero inside a cup and drive it around using the sphero edup to control your bot
Sphero- Battlebots with points
the instructions for how to make a paper boat with balloons and other things on it
Sphero Construction Projects
two plastic toys sitting on top of a floor next to a pink ball and balloon
Edu Lessons & Resources for Coding Robots & STEM Kits
Alien Pop
several balloons are on the floor with sticks sticking out of them
Fall Creek students battle robots as part of STEM initiative
some toys are laying on the floor next to a sign
Dash and Dot Robots: Dash on Snow Patrol
a person sitting on the ground with a toy bike in front of them and an electronic light up bicycle next to it
STREAM Lessons with Sphero Robots
someone is playing the game sphero bocce with their cell phone while sitting at a table
Sphero Bocce Ball Coding Game — All for the Boys
Sphero Bocce Ball coding game!
a yellow and black piece of paper with a blue ball on it sitting on the ground
Easy Coding for Kids with Robots - STEM Activities for Kids