De costuras y otras cosas: CAPA NIÑA

De costuras y otras cosas: CAPA NIÑA - Cape pattern for year old and up to 8 year old

Capa de Pepitobychus

- I wish I could make this for Julu. It seems to be a half circle in the back and to half circles in the front.

woodland stroll cape sewing pattern

Digital woodland stroll cape sewing pattern

- but not a cape - forest path cape sewing pattern-- in organic cotton french terry for winter, this is a project Lila can sew with a little help from mommy.

Je cherchais avec une amie un patron de cape pour un cortège et j'ai découvert un joli site de patrons en ligne que je ne connaissais pas encore : Gasparine. A voir absolument ! En outre, le patron de la cape est un patron gratuit. Voici la charmante...

Patron gratuit de cape pour enfant-- child's cape, free pattern (sizes (This idea could be cute for a baby girl, too-- especially for one who fusses at having her arms put into a jacket.

DISTO, DAQUILO & VIAJAR: Capas e Ponchos - Moldes

I think I'll convert this into a AG doll outfit! Pinned from: Capa para niña, con patrones.

Bolero de pele ecológica

Ecological skin bolero modeling scheme that looks great on PP brides to EXGG as well.

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