Walter Crane wallpaper print, 1897.

Portion of 'Day Lily' wallpaper; lilies with yellow flowers and green foliage, on a grey ground featuring areas of yellow circles; Designed by Walter Crane; Colour woodblock print on paper;

Christopher Dresser: Ornamentation in the 'Arabian' style, to be painted in the centre of a ceiling, 1876.

Christopher Dresser, Ornament in the arabian style, intended to be painted in the centre of a ceiling, 1876

Christopher Dresser: Claret jug, 1881.

By British designer Christopher Dresser (of Scottish birth and a Yorkshire family, 1834 -

Walter Crane: Day Lily wallpaper, 1897.

The Day Lily' Wallpaper Walter Crane - Made by Jeffrey & Co. England 1897 Colour print from wood blocks on paper This woodblock print is very detailed and must have cost a lit of money to be made with many different woodblocks being needed for each colour