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Always wanted to try using one of these styles of headbands. PIN UP Headband ROCKABILLY Wired Fabric Dolly Bow Chevron via Etsy


You will get here 20 messy side bun hairstyle, changed and dramatic look. Find the best one for you, Simple and easy Messy Side bun hairstyle for you. Read on this article below to get 20 amazing messy bun hairstyle ideas for your beautiful hair.

Idées coiffure pour mettre un foulard en bandeau cheveux et se coiffer avec un foulard en soie autour de sa tête, bien attacher, faire tenir si il glisse.

Comment mettre, porter et nouer un foulard en bandeau ?

So this is a headscarf tutorial. But I was thinking you could do the same with a vintage scarf, maybe white, maybe a family heirloom. Or a headband in that exact same spot with the same hairstyling, with a veil attached.

hair wrap

Wrap a head scarf around a bun. I'd do a "sock" bun. Then just wrap the headscarf around the bun and tie it into a large side knot, which will make the look more finished and polished.

Salade composée du Printemps {recette végétalienne}

Salade composée du Printemps {recette végétalienne}

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