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I want to hear that you're smaller next month.

Steel_Sword.png (371×1816)

The Steel Sword is a one-handed weapon that appears in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The sword has a steel blade as to be expected, with some rugged designs on the bottom edges. The hilt appears to be made of a fine wood, with metal woven into it, while th

Twinkle & Isingdeath props DO WANT ;A;

Who is the strongest being from A Song of Ice and Fire Drizzt can beat in one on one combat? Scenario one: Drizzt has his magic scimitars. Scenario two: Drizzt has all his standard gear and Taulmaril.

72 inch spear

This is a LARP weapon i think, so it would need a tweak to become "functional". Now the blade is probably too thick, but it's primarily a piercing weapon so.

Maces in Storage at the Royal Armouries. It was used by foote, bowmen and Knight, it was devistating.

Maces in Storage at the Royal Armouries. Used by foote, bowmen and Knight, it was devastating.

Eldar Blade Concept - II by Aikurisu

the end of the weapon is quite big and could be heavy. the flanges could be used to catch opponents blade. I'm not sure what would happen if somebody hit that pipe, but it is probably endurant, otherwise it wouldn't be that close to the blade.